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[Marriage Advice] Learning To Love

What is love and marriage?

The first step is to meet someone, fall in love and then become a couple which eventually turns into committed to one another forever in marriage. Even though we are already in love when we get married, we will spend the rest of our lives learning to love each other.

The initial attraction might be a little selfish, I love for this reason and want this for this reason.

Note though love is a verb which means it is an action for someone/something else. It will take the rest of my life to learn what I can do for my spouse to continually make them happy.

We are joined together by attraction but it takes effort to forge a meaningful and lasting relationship. Society thinks that love is the foundation of a relationship but it is where you start and is not the ending point.

Marriage is a lifetime relationship and therefore a journey through life.

The lust for someone dissipates over time, but that doesn’t mean the love and attraction ends. It might take a bit more work to keep the relationship alive and well.

As reality TV has shown, you can put any two people in a room and there’s a chance for chemistry/love. True love on the other hand is molded and tended to – not a one off experience.

Loving someone doesn’t keep you together – working on how to love one another everyday, that is what keeps you together.

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